Random shots of the doofi

They like to sit at the same angle, even when they are on opposite ends of the room.

Bunn. Always comfortable and sure of his place in the world. Bunnies, timid? Pah!

Bunn and Millie cuddling

Bunn: "Millie! Why is she looking at us like that?
Millie: "I don't know. But I disapprove."
Bunn: "I, too, disapprove.

Just look what I walked away from! I demand karma points!

Bunn and my mother get along famously. They would!


Awww again!

How freakin cute is Millie? I took this in the mirror since Dan wasn't home to catch the moment. I love her! Love her!

Sometimes I think the bunnies are actually becoming bunny slippers:

Bunn's snoot!

Millie's snoot!

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