Lawn Mowers of the City of Sunnyvale

I used to work adjacent to a city park. I'd go for walks sometimes. Imagine my surprise to one day find a herd of goats and a herd of sheep! Turns out the City of Sunnyvale rents them as lawn-mowers. The goats were friendly. The sheep were not. They were watched over by a pair of Great Pyrenees.

How. Cute. Is. This?!?

Many many many goats!

Nursing beh beh goat.

Poor beh beh stuck in electric fence.

I pulled him out using some sticks, and carried him back to the herd. I hope he found his mama! Awwww he was sooooo sweet and cuddly! I can't believe I took a photo before realizing that a rescue was in order! What an idiot I am!

Sheep and lambs. Heh. :)

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