Hare is Milliebun!

This is Millie.

I brought Millie home from the Humane Society of Silicon Valley to be a friend for Mr. Rumplethump. After a few weeks, a few stagings of lagomorphic drama, and a few sleepless nights for me, they are now friends, as you can see.

Millie daintily drinking water


Pretty cute, eh?

Bunn even grooms her!

Isn't it sweet?

He's very thorough!

He even watches over her while she relaxes.

Uhhhhh, my house is usually cleaner than this, yeah.

And here she is wearing a rather Bunn-like expression, though she does not act like this at all. She is a very sweet girl. Except for the cord-nipping. 'Nuther story.

And here she is being her ridiculously cute and sweet self.

"It might save time if I eat and shit simultaneously!"

And here they are looking grumpy together. I've now concluded that wabbits are just not photogenic cweatures.

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